Airline DJ

Airline DJ Chrisdus

He bought his first turntables over 20 years ago to be able to listen to hiphop that wasn’t available on cassette tape or cd. The contrast between the chillness of the ongoing beats and the energetic and pushing effect of the raw samples and lyrics has always intrigued him and formed the base for his preference in electronic music. Eversince he has been looking for tracks that have a raw deepness with some sort of warm dark nasty edge…they need to be a bit ‘smerig’ as he describes it. Minimalprogressivedeeptechnotechhouse122bpm-ish music with a sophisticated twist that keeps on floating like a river is how we would like to describe it:) Bottomline…what it is or will be depends on the setting but there is always this ongoing groove with deep basslines that you wíll feel in the hips!